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North Queensland Australia. 1980.

Seth Kelly is the nicest bad guy around. Dope-grower, bouncer and party animal, he's got a smile as big as his rep. After a few years down south in the big smoke, he's back in his hometown - Cairns.

New players - Sydney criminals, the Mafia, and the most corrupt police force in the country, are changing the rules. Now everything Seth thought he knew - is right out of date.


Seth’s a tough bastard, but the automatic weapons, vulnerable

young women, kung-fu kicks and freaky spirituality are

starting to get to him.

All he wants is that one big score, a chance to restart the best relationship of his life, and to keep the darkest memory in his past out of his head.

The Colour of Shadows is the first book in the trilogy

Paperback and eBook available at major online book retailers including Barnes & Noble, Abe Books, BooktopiaAmazon and Kindle. For signed & posted books, email for details.


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