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North Queensland Australia. 1982.

Seth Kelly's a good guy . . . who knows just how bad he can be.

Times are changing in the tropical port of Cairns. Flash hotels and high-rises are going up - and big marijuana money is rolling in. But for Seth, making a living in his home town as a private investigator still isn't close to easy.

Luckily he's got a nice earner set up with a real joker of a cop. So when a hard-as-teak ex-ship's captain hires him, paying top dollar, it starts feeling like the big league. Problem is, the bastards want him to do things . . . he doesn't do anymore.


To keep him on his toes, Seth's also got the two coolest women he's ever met back in his life - one with something priceless, the other probably his best friend. But the only way he's going to get a sweet future - is to escape a dirty past. A whole lot of history is about to bite him on the arse.

The Power of Rain is the third book in the trilogy


Available in paperback on all major

online book retailers including Abe Books, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Kindle. For signed & posted books, email for details.


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