North Queensland Australia. 1982.

Putting a past as dope grower and security man behind him, Seth Kelly is now using his talent for getting things done to go professional, with a private investigator’s licence, a secretary – even a business card.

When an old friend gets serious time for a crime he didn’t commit - Seth just has to step in. But getting the hard-cases to turn witness against two of the most evil bastards in the whole north is doing his head in . . . and so is the spoilt, talented rock-star guitarist he’s being paid handsomely to baby-sit.

It’s a small world amongst the cops and crims of Cairns, and Seth’s reputation is attracting them like flies. If he can just keep them off his back long enough maybe he’ll spring his mate from jail - and hear a classic song get written in his house.



The Weight of Love is the second book in the trilogy. If you like your noir drenched in sunshine and with more than a little heart and soul - then this white-knuckle thrill ride is for you.

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